O’some Affiliation Program

Building Partnership: Opportunities Unlimted

Are you looking to BE YOUR OWN BOSS?

Let us take care of your Business!!!

If you are ready to feel confident, supported and of course, be a successful PMU artist & beautician .... O’some Brows Affiliate Partner is your proven gateway to making this happen ... regardless of experience.

Over the last 3 years we have seen Artists of all levels excel in their careers.

We have students now going on to open their clinics and even their own training academies!

Why waste years, and thousands of $$$, when you have all this instantly available? Allow us to fast track your PMU career, learning from our experience and mistakes!

You will never feel alone as an artist with our amazing community of like-minded artists and trainers all on hand to offer their words of wisdom 🙂 O’some Brows wish to achieve this via network of equally skilful and quality conscious Cosmetic Tattoo Artists & Beauty Experts.

Why Choose us for Affiliation?

Comprehensive Support and Brand Strength

Our Proven Business model is so detailed and robust that anyone with the right work ethic can be a successful Cosmetic Tattoo and Beauty Artist.The training is delivered with both theory and practical components covering all aspects of business, marketing and sales, accounting, customer relations.

Standard Space Designs

Standard Salon designs and service standards to ensure ambience and welcoming empathetic experience.

Effective and Affordable

Our focus is on effective and affordable cost of care and quality experience. Affiliation costs just $75 per week and a joining fees.

Complete Brow & Lash Brand

Our Business Offers one stop Brow & Lash Services from Lash Lifts, Eyelash Extensions to Cosmetic Tattooing.

Our partnership ethos:
  • Shared passion for delivering the promised value to our Customers
  • Belief in the process and people Reciprocal commitment to mutual growth and business well-being
  • Transparency in operation & teaching
  • Continuous learning and improvements— we can be better together everyday Mutual respect.
  • Nurturing trust

The membership is not just coming together, we are a community and support network. There is no reason for you to ever feel alone or stuck as an artist anymore!

So if you are ready to join us, fast track your education & confidence and make PMU career for life!!!!!

Join Hands with Your Partner

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