threadingThreading is an art that creates shape and beauty to your eyebrows. We specialize in eyebrows, giving you a natural shape and beauty to your face. If you have been abusing your eyebrows by waxing or over plucking, we work with you to give you back your natural shape or by creating a shape using our specialised skills. Clients have been coming from all over South Eastern Suburban of Melbourne to visit the O’some Brows. We also offer a full range of Aesthetic services like Waxing , Facials, Eyelash extensions, Eyelash Tinting, Manicure, Henna and Hair care (Hair Henna),Indian Oil Head Massage. You can find complete list of services here:

We offer the following services:-

Eyebrow Threading

Facial Hair Threading : When It Comes to beauty, Eyebrows come first. Our Eyebrow Artists specialize in creating the perfect shape by threading and tweezing and give you a natural shape that best suits your face.

Eyebrow threading — an ancient hair removal process that is fast, meticulous and minimally invasive — in a beautifully designed, yet sanitary space, where you can enjoy a relaxing reprieve from your daily routine and leave looking and feeling fabulous. Our expert threading professionals will leave your skin smooth and hair free, without breaking your bank.

We strive on continually re-inventing and re-educating ourselves on the latest industry trends backed by what we feel are the top product lines in the industry.

Please stop by and let us pamper you!

All brow shaping treatments finish with a delicate massage to the treated area, using a soothing purpose designed and lightly scented aloe vera gel. Eyebrow Threading is an ancient method of hair removal, originated in the Eastern world. Popular in USA, UK, Canada and now gaining popularity in Australia.

It involves thin cotton organic thread specially designed for threading eyebrows; the thread is doubled, then twisted and rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair. For threading, we use an Antibacterial Organic Thread.